(Written by Kathy Parsons)

Rising is an album that really demonstrates Vicente Avella’s versatility as well as his passion, and I’m sure it will be widely recognized as one of the best albums of the year.

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(Written by Bill Binkelman)

The album is full of music with true emotional depth, dramatic power, and a sense of conviction and commitment by the performance that left me breathless at times.

Vicente Avella has created a masterpiece...

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(Written by R.J. Lannan)

Rising is a musical work of art...

Avella should be placed beside other notable contemporary composers like Ludovico Einaudi and Helen Jane Long...

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(Written by Keith Hannaleck)

There is not one thing I would change about this recording so I cannot see how it could possibly be any better. Musical perfection is difficult to attain but I would have to say this is as close to perfection as it gets from a musical standpoint.

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(Written by Candice Michelle)

Sure to appeal to a variety of listeners although especially those who enjoy classical-crossover styles, Rising is an impressive fusion of neoclassical and contemporary instrumental music that's wrapped in both passion and elegance!

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(Written by Steve Sheppard)

Rising by Vicente Avella is not just an impressive return for the artist, it’s a wonderful collection of quite breath-taking compositions, which contain passion, power, sensitivity and soul; this is one album you are really not going to want to miss under any circumstance.

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(Written by Dick Metcalf)

… a truly inspiring composition/performance.

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(Grammy Award Winner, Winner of multiple Platinum & Gold Records, Founder of Windham Hill Records)

Conceived as the soundtrack of a contemporary wedding, “All The Days Of My Life” is, of course, perfect for weddings, but is so original in the arrangements of even traditional wedding music that the album is a joy on any day. Vicente is a brilliant player and arranger. Very few musicians could have pulled this off so gracefully and successfully. There is a freshness to his approach to this material that utterly avoids cliché and provides depth and beauty in its place… a remarkable achievement.

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…definitely spoke a language that people knew.  Just as definitely, though, it was this composer's own, distinctive voice. Not everybody could write like this and never come up with a cliché. This was good taste unto genius.

(Written by Zarn Ballentine)

It’s been around since 1848 when Wagner composed it for the opera Lohengrin. Today it’s taking on new life. This ‘new’ Bridal March is beautifully sculpted with a wonderfully rich melody and will leave your guests in tears of utter, belated joy! And that’s before you’ve said your vows!

With a brilliantly composed twist, this contemporary version of the Bridal March is about to bring wedding classics back to life. There are no cliche’s here, just utter musical genius! The age old classic has had a facelift and it’s beautiful.

Choosing Vicente’s Bridal March will bring your audience to tears!! Seriously! It’s stunningly performed, beautifully composed and magical.

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(Written by Michael Diamond)

One of the words that come to mind in describing Vicente’s musical sensibilities is “tasteful.”

While the album features many classic songs, this compilation of Vicente’s performances of them could well become a classic in itself. The marriage of these timeless melodies with the skill and sensitivity of an instrumentalist like Vicente Avella is a match made in heaven.

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(Written by Kathy Parsons)

…these arrangements and original pieces are a welcome addition to wedding music repertoire!

"All The Days Of My Life" is an impressive project…Recommended!!!

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(One of L.A.'s Top Studio Pianists. Has recorded more than 2,000 scores, working virtually with every film composer including John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer and many more)

It's really beautiful!  I love the warmth, the directness, the expressivity and the intimacy of your playing and arrangement. The piano and its recording sound very personal and communicative.

Perfect for your wedding song/playlist or any day playlist. 

We absolutely LOVE this new album.

Stunningly performed, fresh, beautifully arranged and magical.

As all thing wedding lovers, we’re pretty obsessed with Vicente Avella’s “All the Days of My Life” album! Filled with gorgeous piano versions of all the classics!

...an album of all the traditional wedding music that invokes the emotions of a classic wedding but with a slight contemporary twist. With it’s beautifully simple piano sounds, the album includes music perfect for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and even cocktail hour.

Imagine crisp white and black decor, tuxedos on the men and elegant dresses on the women, and fresh flowers lining the aisles. 

(Written by Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj)

There’s always room for a well-played, high-talent piano CD here… that probably has a lot to do with my own affinity for playing keyboards… but as you listen to “Dressed In White“, you’ll understand that it’s also got a lot to do with Vicente’s skill and touch on the keys!  My own personal favorite of the 11 beautiful tracks offered up for your listening experience was “Ode To Joy” – which lives (entirely) up to the title.  I would recommend headphones and total isolation for the first ’round of listening.  I give Vicente a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.96.  

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(Written by Alejandro Clavijo)

All the emotions and experiences that are born in one of life’s most important moments can be captured in the form of music and after reviewing hundreds of albums, we finally found the first one that gets to relive all those feelings. The debut album of the Venezuelan pianist Vicente Avella is an ode to that instant, to that moment when the world comes to a stop and suddenly, only two people become the real protagonists. All the Days of My Life is the album Avella dedicates to his wedding day, enclosing in eleven tracks all the love, affection and emotion of that unforgettable day.

The message is direct and the undertone quite clear. All the Days of My Life is the living memory of one of Vicente Avella’s most important days and certainly an album that will lead more than one couple around the world to the altar; without a doubt a highly recommended CD for those times! All the Days of My Life contains the perfect music, necessary to magnify the emotions, so that everything on that day is magical. Emphatically, it's the perfect music!

(Written by Steve Sheppard)

An album filled with sparkling tracks.

Avella has once more made something amazing happen to almost time stamp his signature into the annals of time.

Vicente Avella is one to watch.

A very well played album.

After listening to All The Days Of My Life I am left in no doubt what so ever, that this is the most original and fresh construction of an album in this genre.

(Written by RJ Lannan)

I was married almost forty years ago. However, the day is still crisp in my mind and heart as if it were yesterday. I am a lucky man…no, more blessed. The day became a living memory again as I listened to Vicente Avella’s exquisite recording, "All the Days of My Life -  The Wedding Album". His contemporary solo piano music graces eleven tracks of elegant melodies. The music would enhance any occasion, not just a wedding, for it is soft, gentle, and pleasing to the soul. Avella calls upon well-known classical pieces and adds a few original works to enhance the experience. And it is an experience. It would shine a light on anyone or anything without losing substance in the brilliance.

I do not think I ever heard an album so apropos to its theme. Everything about the recording is superb. The audio quality and production values are perfect, but that is to be expected with Will Ackerman as the producer and Tom Eaton at the mixing board courtesy of Imaginary Road Studios. Furthermore, Vicente Avella has adapted, created, and composed a collection of music that, with its innate splendor, shall remain timeless.

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…amazed the audience…thus giving them a very special evening. 

brilliant... unforgettable.


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