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Vicente Avella Rising

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Following the success of All the Days of My Life, Vicente Avella returns with his second album, Rising. Emotional and full of life, Rising is also collection of instrumental music that features the piano but goes even further by incorporating strings, guitars, vocals, percussion and electronics. Neither classical nor pop but rather lying somewhere in between, Vicente Avella’s original compositions embrace and live comfortably in both worlds. Passionate, energetic and optimistic, Rising’s wide range of expression is a reflection of life, its joys, struggles, and especially the strength it takes to overcome all of its obstacles. 


1.    Yours
2.    For Always 
3.    Rising
4.    Daybreak
5.    Relentless
6.    Everything 
7.    I'm OK
8.    Turning Point 
9.    Looking Up at the Sky
10.   Beyond
11.   Turning Off the Noise



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Charted at #2 on the ZMR Top 100 Radio Charts (Zone Music Reporter) 


...this is as close to perfection as it gets from a musical standpoint”

— Keith Hannaleck (New Age Music Reviews)